Subject:    Re: Thrillogy--SPOILERS-SPOILERS!
From:       Captain Infinity
Date:       Tue, 16 May 2000
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Once Upon A Time,
In article <ws21-1505001354330001@>
Bill Steele wrote *some* of these things:

>In cliffhangers, time is adjustable. I speak as a veteran of Saturday

morning Time Travel experiments during the cartoons.  My dreams resemble

>matinee serials. The hero is in the shack. You hear the alarm go off. Cut

it out!" you scream, and hit the snooze button.  Your astral body floats

>to the outside: shack explodes. Next Saturday, the hero is in the shack;

and he's having it painted mauve.  Yuk.  The painters are 3 stooges, so

>there's about three minutes of running out the door and diving in the

cement, spilling paint, etc.  The frizzy headed one starts digging up a

>ditch. The alarm goes off. Cut to the outside: shack explodes. 

You wake up, tired of this recurring dream, but you hit "snooze" again.

>Sometimes there's huge explosion and you just see the hero picking himself

free of leeches and ticks.  Yuk again!  The fat bald guy is pulling wires

>up out of the debris. Who cares, as long as there's another chapter?

Then your wife's cold feet accidentally brush your calf and you wake up.

Captain Infinity
 ...these dreams happen whenever I eat too much salami at night

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