Subject:    Re: People come together! RIGHT NOW!
From:       Lori
Date:       Fri, 03 Mar 2000
Message-ID: <38bff6bd.18467678@News.CIS.DFN.DE>

Sergey Bukhman wrote some of this:

>Here's the deal, I have to go to Israel as soon as possible because the

chyx there are SO HAWT!  I gotta get busy, IYKWIM!  So, the

>sooner I get there, the sooner I can start going to Universities and

trying to make new friends. Hey, I'll start my own fan club!  It beats

>trying to get myself accepted and all my hours here transferred. Current

events lead me to the conclusion that I am insane.  I heard that the

>semester ends around May 11th. To save money on flight tickets to

kidnap Lori, I'm hitch-hiking to Virginia.  If I'm gonna take her to

>Israel, I should order them soon... So we better plan something. All I'm

wanting out of life is a little adventure after all.  I guess what I'm

>asking is for anyone who's thinking about going to post their comments

about how you'll help me with the kidnapping, especially information

>on where, when, and how pantless. 
>Poor Lori is trying her best to make this happen, and all it takes is a

willingness to say YES YES YES!!!  Will it work?  I need to read a

>couple of posts to see if it will. We have not heard anything from any

reasonable and sane people, so that's good.  Not even a "PeeP" out

>of the "old" folks yet. Nothing from anyone over 29, in fact. I

don't like you old farts anyway!  I'm gonna be young forever!  Ha!!  I

>understand that some of you might still have a problem with getting into

your pants every day, hence I don't bother.  You look like you have

>the belly of the big steel bird, but we must all make sacrifices.

Like me, for instance.  I'm gonna sacrifice myself to the Taet!

>Haven't heard anything from Hole either, but sadly, I believe his many

trollerizations have finally caught up with him.  All of his guilt

>complexes will prevent him from making a public appearance. :~(
>Lots42 will provide the entertainment.

...that is, if anyone's still around to put up with it.


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