Subject:    Re: What an eventful week (or even two!) it was!
From:       Captain Infinity
Date:       Sat, 25 Aug 2001
Message-ID: <>

jdn wrote *some* of these things:

>Okay, I'm confused.

This is news?

>I admit that I've been *very* bad at keeping up with AFTS (I joined another

nudist colony this summer, but they wouldn't let me "plug in" to my

>internet company because I had so much fun with the last one....funny, we

all got in a great big circle jerk, hundreds of nudists.  The explosion

>just relaunced recently), so my lurking/posting is sporadic as hell,

'cuz none of you send me presents.  <pout>  My dyslexia hurts my drug trips

>especially since I lost DSL when Northpoint went in the tank, but.....

then I always lose my DSL, and my enilacsem too.  It sessip me ffo!  Anyway

>I just CANNOT keep track of whether or not Cap is posting to this group or

vacationing in Wonderland.  Does that jerk ever send a postcard?  No he does

>not.  More importantly, I can't remember if the last time I posted was

when I was in my "please spank me, daddy" phase.  My last orgasm occurred 

>during a time when he was pissed off at me or not.
>It's just so confusing.

Captain Infinity

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