Subject:    Re: Who'd win?
From: (Captain Infinity)
Date:       Sun, 21 Feb 1999
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Cheesedemon wrote *some* of these things:

>Jim Campbell wrote:
>> were do I find KotR???????
>   First you need a Gold Chocobo. The easiest way of getting one is to

put your Left foot in first *before* the Right during Hokey Pokey.  Then

>breed a Black Chocobo with a Wonderful S Class chocobo using a Zeio Nut.

Use the Right nut.  Remember: Left foot/Right nut.  This is important.

>A Black Chocobo can be obtained by breeding a Green Chocobo and a Blue

Peep.  They're on sale now.  DON'T use a yellow Peep, or you'll get a

>Chocobo with a Carob Nut. These nuts can either be won at the Gold

Bullion Soup contest or you can find them in the Exam Room of any Flying

>Saucer, or found by defeating enemy's on certain small islands. The

Island of Misfit Toys has a few.  Tell Herbie I said "Hi!".  The only

>other way to get it is to Defeat Ruby Weapon, but unless you really know

Ruby like I know Ruby, she'll tear your heart apart.  I've been watching

>what you're doing, defeating Ruby without KotR is rather difficult(Try

bathing first, next time.  Maybe she won't be so quick to place a call

>W-summoning Bahamut Zero and Hades, and don't forget to kill everyone

who called you "stinky" when you were a kid.  Be sure to piss everyone

>except one person off before you enter the battle, then revive them with

a whiff of your underarms.  Watch the Jimmy Stewart movie "Flight of the

>Phoenix, or Ruby will use Whirlsand on them, removing them from the

Whirlsandbox before recess is over.  (You'll never finish the schoolyard

>battle). Once you have a Gold chocobo, use it to go to a small island in

the South Pacific.  Crush it up and smoke it.  Canada can be found on

>the northwest of the map(though it will not be shown on the map). Inside

Linda Lovelace" is my favorite porno movie.  Bring a flashlight into

>the cave you will find KotR. Unless you want to be really cheesy though,

wash first.  You can steal Underdog's secret Energy Pill, but try to

>avoid using it on anything but the Weapons. Jenova won't survive one

more night like last night, believe me!  Yowsa! She never even knew what

>hit, and Sephiroth will die in 2-3 shots(usually, depends on your level.

If you know what I mean...nudge nudge, wink wink, SAY! NO! MORE!

>If you're at level 99, more, since his HP increase drastically). Ta-da.


Captain Infinity

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