Subject:    Re: [Xena/Herc] Why can't someone play Isreali God?
From: (Captain Infinity)
Date:       Mon, 07 Jun 1999
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Once Upon A Time
In article <7jgkcp$on1$>
robert_kolker wrote *some* of these things:

>In article <7i800m$1no$>,
>  "Aethelrede" wrote:
>> israelites, nor is He the three-for-one gods of the christians.  He is
>> God.
>> There is no God but the one true God.
>In the Name of God, who is both compassionate and merciful I say:

do the Hokey Pokey and TURN YOURSELF AROUND!  You think I'm sane?

>Not so. The God who spoke to Moses (PBUH) identified Himself

with a "HELLO My Name Is GOD" badge.  Pbuh Buh Booey is known as

>as the God of Abraham (Ibrihim, PBUH).  Allah is none other

than my secret identity.  I'm a shoeshine boy!  My Dad is stronger

>than El Shadai whom Abraham feared and obeyed, and whose True

Lies videotape starred Arnold Schwartzenpbuhber, whose translated

>Name is "I am".
>I know you Moslems would like to toss Jews into the Ditch, but as

for me, my rubber pants are leaky.  You may cry "NON SEQUITUR" but it's

>a matter of historical fact Mohammed (pbuh) learned his monotheism

while playing Monopoly while suffering from mononucleosis that he caught

>from Jews. He just got pissed off when the Jews of Arabia would

talk to their camels in baby-talk.  Ga Ga Goo Goo!  But the camels would

>not acknowlege him as a  prophet at least as great as Moses (pbuh).


Captain Infinity

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