Subject:    Re: YUMme update
From: (Captain Infinity)
Date:       Mon, 22 Nov 1999
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Once Upon A Time,
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Blackhawk wrote *some* of these things:

>I just wanted to drop you all a note to let you know a few things of a

topic we rarely discuss: Cannibalism.  This type of discussion is of a

>personal nature about me over the next week or so.
>I'm the cook here and this year Thanksgiving is going to be about 12

days late.  I cook SLOWLY, y'see?  My wife and I are cannibals so we eat

>people including my Mom who's coming up with my sister from Southern CA. 
>While she's here, we are also going to be looking at assisted living

developments.  You can get some of the tenderest, yummiest meat in those

>facilities (for the elderly) that she could live in. We hope to move her

into the kitchen blindfolded, so she won't know what hit her.  We'll get her

>up here (from an AL she's living in down south) around the first of the

month--her "best when used by" stamp says 12-28, almost the end of the

>year. I'm also going to be in a hotel on Thursday and Friday so one of the

bellboys there might turn up as dessert.  We share the leftovers with the

>larger families coming from out of town can use our house.
>This is also that time of year when clients realize they only have about

1200 calories per day on their diet.  (Better skip the liver pate.)  Also,

>30 days left to spend whatever is left of their annual overseas marketing
>budgets and I'm full to the brim with work, including a lot of OT.
>Finally, as some of you know, we visit my wife's family in Mexico every

other week, to refresh our cocaine supply.  I send "snow" to friends every

>year from Dec 24-Jan 3 or so. It's a big trip that requires a bit of

a deviated septum to enjoy to its fullest.  Septum removal takes a lot of

>planning, especially this year as I want to try and hook into the net from

my swimming pool.  Or maybe I'll buy a backpack and tent and go camping in

>Mexico if that's possible.
>So I'm not leaving the group and I do plan to continue reading every day,

'cuz Daddy helps me with the big words.  Please keep on mailing me candy

>but I may not respond as often or as thoroughly as you might wish for a

second helping of hot bellboy pie.  It tastes better if it cools for a

>while. Usually I don't announce this kind of thing, but I thought I should

tell you about my hobbies.  Cannibalism and cocaine, that's the topic

>this time. There's already a lot of neat stuff I'd like to answer (Like

"do you offer free samples?"  I won't have any tongue jerky for sale at

>LOSCON, no,  but maybe Worldcon) and I can see won't happen before it's

time to put up this year's sweetmeats.  My article for "Rugby Magazine" is

>old news. I did send Mr. Hole my picture though...

Captain Infinity

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