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All the posts this site are the copyrighted intellectual property of the person named in the "From" header of the post.  If you find something that interests you that you would like to share with others, it would be a simple act of kindness and courtesy to ask the person in the "From" header if it's okay to pass it along, or at least please inform others who see your post of the name of the original author.

All Usenet posts appear exactly as I saw them on my newsreader, with no editing of content or form except for the occasional munging of an email address.  In some cases I have added extra spamfoil text; in other cases I have eliminated the address entirely.  This editing has been done either by request or by personal choice.  In most cases I have left the email address in the "From" headers exactly as it appeared in the original post, but I have removed email addresses from the bodies of the reproduced articles.

As I mentioned earlier, you need to go back to go forward.  Have fun.

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