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CHAPTER 1 Author's notes: Authors note: Something to enjoy (hopefully) over my absence during the holidays. With everyone salivating (oh yeah, sure) for the final installment of this monster. It seemed like a good time to go back and finish the first 6 chapters (because it's sure to piss someone off). I'd put this decision off forever because, 1) When I penned "The Mad Tofu Party" I had never intended it to become a series, 2) WWS did a hilarious satire of "Chapter 1" with Dan Tropea as Alice and I couldn't imagine topping that; and 3) Having moved forward from Chapter 7, I was afraid I'd never pull off all the reverse engineering that had to take place. But time wounds all heels and I've still got the muse so here's the long lost Chapter 1. Enjoy! ***************************************************************************

CHAPTER 2 Author's Notes: This chapter was busy writing itself the other day when it looked up and said "I'm done". It occurred to me (at the last) that I have no idea what kind of "Doctor" (if any) J. actually is. So I briefly considered finding out if he was a psychiatrist, psychotherapist, Stuart Smalley, etc. But having already established the "memes eats psychiatrists" connection in Chapter One, I decided to simply go with the term as a generic (like "lawyers") for all those whom Fritz Pearls would've had discuss their resentments with their respective prescription pads. It's a fantasy, deal with it. Enjoy, BH ***************************************************************************

CHAPTER 3 Authors notes: A number of comments have finally crept in surrounding the continuity. This was bound to happen. 1. Given this started as a one shot, I had never intended the piece become a "cool table" post and yet, it obviously has. That has long put a burden on the project as it attempts to select the best Servoite for the story, while trying to give as many folks the spotlight as possible. But a little known secret about this story, is that you can't write one chapter without writing a little bit of all of them. One reason these early chapters keep coming so fast, is that most of the next chapter is done before the current one gets sent. There's no other way to keep the characters and situations straight otherwise. One must scan the breadth of the original to see if the character appears elsewhere, both to be sure the "name change" is complete and to be sure the character is a match throughout. So what I was getting to is... I've seen the "end" of the project and there aren't that many "new" characters left. That's not to say most everyone doesn't appear. I know for a fact that some folks have already missed subtle references to them by name or demeanor, but there's not enough room in the spotlight for some of the newest folks and the rosters always changing around here (see number 3). So it's not personal. 2. "Taets" had already been misspelled (sort of) as "Teats" in Chapter 11 and it provided incredible imagery for this chapter, so I kept the spelling with apologies to "the Lori". :) 3. Each chapter requires I announce the title of the next chapter at the end. Purists of "Alice" will note that the title of Chapter 4 *should* have been, "The Peep Sends in a Little Ribo" based on the appearance of "Bill the lizard" in Chapter 11 of Alice (played by Ribo in our version). However 1) Ribo hasn't been seen in ages, 2) I definitely feel the other person is a better "fit" for what I've got in mind 3) we're buds and he's overdue and 4) who would've noticed if I hadn't mentioned it, huh?. No, it isn't you WWS, I've been saving a very *special* role for you since I restarted this tale, it's still a chapter or so away, BWA HA HA! 4. Although the Doctor is still partly in the spotlight, this chapter is lovingly dedicated to those lovely Servo-ettes without whose alternate POV we would all be a little poorer. Peace, BH ***************************************************************************

CHAPTER 4 Authors Notes: 1. Long chapter. Lots of cartoons including my favorite so far. 2. Originally, while dodging Blackhawks "hand", the Yellow Peep crashes into the Twin Towers, this was changed so as not to offend anyone after September 11. ***************************************************************************

CHAPTER 5 Authors Notes: None ***************************************************************************

CHAPTER 6 Author's notes: 1. It's a shame that the Witch/Wench meme fell out of style, but in making the loop complete, remembering it has been fun. There are gags from aft-s' earliest days in here that I bet only 3 or 4 people remember and also a "Easter egg" for Captain Infinity. 2. This chapter is dedicated to those wacky Kibologists who helped grow our early cultures. It is crossposted there, even though they won't understand some of it, and probably should kill anything this long to begin with, but that's never stopped anyone before YMMV. 3. For those who started with Chapter 7 (a complete archive is at <> ) we've finally come full circle, whoda thunk it. And now with 100% more ASCII art than that chapter! enjoy, BH ***************************************************************************

CHAPTER 7 SPECIAL EDITION Author's notes: 1. In preparation for the final chapter, the special effects of Chapter 7 have been re-done to bring it up to modern FX standards. 2. Very little of the basic story has changed; there are some minor continuity tweaks here and there. Purists will no doubt howl over the fact that Blackhawk no longer shoots Captain Hatter under the table at the end of the chapter, removed because it detracted from Blackhawk's heroic image. 3. Seems ages since Sergey left, I still wish you all a very merry un-birthday. 3. Seems like I wrote this a long time ago... in a galaxy far, far, away.

Original version of Chapter VII


CHAPTER 8 SPECIAL EDITION Author's notes: This chapter was orginally written to celebrate the wedding of Jaime and the Witch. It still does. The original ASCII of The Witch and The MageJaime (first appeared in Chapter 11) was diddled from original drawings by Joan Stark, she's incredible. This chapter contains some prominent posters who've moved on, and I'm glad it still does. In this way, they are fondly remembered, trapped like flies in amber, and I can still hear them...

Original version of Chapter VIII


CHAPTER 9 SPECIAL EDITION Author's notes: This was really the first chapter where I began to think about what the "pictures" I would insert into this text might some day look like, as I was writing it. So all the ASCII drawings presented here are original (meaning none of it was "borrowed" except as reference on shapes to draw what I saw in my head). When I put these illustrations in, I realized how much of the Chapter was hidden there; and now the Chapter makes more sense (if that's possible). I've also smoothed a few rough edges in the copy and updated a couple of the memes. For the most satiric items, where one could have easily exchanged a current meme (such as Porkwoman or "Tropea jokes"), I've left the original metaphors. Since many are lost to the mists of time (and many "were lost" when I first posted it), it should be easy for the modern reader to recognize them and insert their own pet peeves into these jokes. This was really a chapter devoted to "pet peeves". WARNING: This Chapter contains people leaving in huff, flames, trolls, oblivious posters and Sock puppets (oh my!). The chapter has stood the test of time as a sardonic commentary on the "holes" in aft-s (as the title "mockingly" implied). It was the hardest Chapter to write originally (took 6 months, Cronan passed on during it's writing as a tribute to him when he was alive), but it seems to have borne the fruit of that labor. Now with 100% more ASCII. I hope you enjoy revisiting it (and him) as much as I did.

Original version of Chapter IX


CHAPTER 10 SPECIAL EDITION Author's Notes: My, how timely. Chapter 10 was originally written as a commentary on Scuzz Lorenzo. Because that issue was still red hot at the time, it appeared without any notes. For the same reasons, the posted version was also more subdued than my original manuscript. No longer, I've replaced all of the missing subtext in this revision to its enhancement I believe. The next chapter (Chapter 11) was the first chapter to use ASCII and so it won't be reposted (see the archive if you need a refresher). The final chapter, "Chapter 12: Blackhawk's Evidence", will appear next. I'll try not to take as long as George Lucas. :) I'll be in Mexico from the 24th through the 2nd of next year. I'm happy to be escaping all the noise at home and take a break. If I don't post before Monday (or even if I do), I wish you all the best in 2002! Peace, plain,simple, blackhawk P.S. the final line of Blackhawk's poem is "with language most fowl". The typo is deliberate, KWIM?

Original version of Chapter X


CHAPTER 11 Author's notes: I've added PICTURES! Also, this chapter reads best if you've refreshed yourself on some of the characters. Particularly the "Mad Tofu Party" in Chapter 7 (the first one posted). Fortunately, you can find that chapter (and the entire saga written so far) as posted at: <> My sincere thanks to Captain Infinity for maintaining this archive. ***************************************************************************


A birthday gift to all my friends on the occasion of their un-birthday. AUTHOR'S NOTES: Wow, has it really been almost 3 years since I started this? I guess so (May 9, 1999). What can I say that hasn't been said? The ending has been in mind so long, it offered lots of time to "tinker" and get the nuances just right. Hope it's been worth the wait. Those who wish to see the previous chapters should visit: With my sincere gratitude to C.I. for all the hard work attached to the collecting of many of my favorite posts. If you don't own a copy of Alice in Wonderland, you can view all the original text and illustrations I worked from, courtesy of Project Guttenberg here: Text: Illustrations: No single aft-s project brought me (and I hope a few of you) such joy. It's been the perfect thing to spend a few quite moments on when times are dreary, and boring, and there is a spot of time in an ever-increasing list of things I want to accomplish. Often, when I had no time to compose something coherent for the group, I'd turn to this project to keep myself fresh for those days when I could. To all the many creatures of Servoland, Wherever they may exist, My enduring love. Plain, simple, Blackhawk. March 11, 2002 ***************************************************************************


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