Subject:    {TRACK 10] Lovely Lori
From: (Blackhawk)
Message-ID: <>

Lovely Lori Usenet Taet,
Lovely Lori Usenet Taet.

Lovely Lori Usenet Taet
Nothing can come between us.
When you make posts you take the boys to play.

Catching up on Usenet stories,
When I caught a glimpse of Lori
Trolling in newsgroup with her little bright hook

With her nym, she seemed much older,
And their drool across her shoulder,
Made her seem a little like she wanted a man.

Lovely Lori Usenet Taet,
May I inquire discreetly,
Home or away, say would you "do" Sergey?

In the chat they try to pin her,
Have a laugh and skip their dinner,
Tell her they would really like to see her (in bed).

Three AM and Lori fakes it,
Goes to bed, she nearly makes it,
Sitting on the sofa with her husband (boo hoo).

Oh, Lovely Lori Usenet Taet,
Where would I be without you,
Tell us your dreams and make us scream for you!

Lovely Lori Usenet Taet,
Lovely Lori Usenet Taet.

Special thanks to Captain Infinity for help with the title among other ideas.

"We'd like to thank you on behalf of the group 
 and myself and I hope we passed the audition."    -- John Lennon "Let it Be"


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