Moved the site from world.std.com to captaininfinity.us.  Updated many files.
Ignored many more.  Most of the links on my Infinite Page O' Links got chumped.
Bye bye World...it was fun while it lasted.

7-16-00 to 12-31-2004 Wackiness ensued. Were *you* there?
7-15-00 Hard to believe, but it's been more than a year since I last updated this page. Many changes to the rest of the site have occurred; too many to list. Today's activity was updating the Blackhawk page to include his last "Adventures In Servoland" chapter, as well as all 13 chapters, plus liner notes, of the "Sgt. Pepper" parodies. I've done something different with these pages: I embedded midi files in the background. I'm very pleased with the results... and totally exhausted. With any luck, and a bit of dedication, I'll get back to updating this log whenever I make changes to the site.
7-11-99 Made version 1 of my Page O' Links. Placed it in the Crossthreads, though I may move it to the Right Loop eventually.
June 1999 Added some entries to the Left Loop and the Wackylacing page.
5-19-99 Cleaned up some minor spelling mistakes in some wackylacings, and fixed a broken link.
5-17-99 Today I "finished" the Wackylace page. That is, I have finished formatting all the laces that my initial search found...which is quite a few, actually. Posted an announcement on AFT-S. I hope some people send me Message ID's for posts I missed. I can't decide if I'll mine ARK or not. Maybe when I get back from my trip.
5-16-99 Added a good number of Wackylacings, most from early and mid-1998. Created the Illusion directory, and added "Darkness Assending there (with links to related lacings.)
5-7-99 Added my guy to the_middle_one. (Pointer posted in AFT-S.)
Mid-April 99 Completed "Mogwai Christmas". IT ONLY TOOK A MONTH!
4-14-99 Scanned two "peeps" articles, including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Linked them into the Crossthreads, near the other Peep links, but they don't 'feel right' there, since they're articles by another person. They probably belong in the Right Loop. I may move them there later.
Early April Completed a dozen or so "fan" pages in the Left Loop, but there's no open link to them yet. Added "Clown Pornography" in the Crossthreads, and made a "Clown Porno NOW!" button. Most of my online time is occupied with selling stuff on eBay right now.
3-28-99 Made the "Wackylace NOW!" button. Thanks for the blank, Blackhawk!
3-27-99 Today I mirrored all my site pages to my Zip drive copy. All drop-dead files are in synch.
3-16-99 Major overhaul of Wackylacing page. Decided to structure it like the entire site: links to my lacings on the left, multi-level lacings in the center, and lacings by others on the right. Added one by Blackhawk that I stumbled over by accident, I think its one of his earliest.
3-15-99 Some minor tweakings of the Wackylacing pages, added two lacings by myself and Blackhawk. Need to rethink this page's structure. Should wackylacings done by others go here or on their own pages in the Right Loop?
3-14-99 My site has been active for a while now, but I haven't made its existence public in any substantial way, as I want to make sure there's enough content to make the visit worthwhile. Sections that are finished so far include the Peep FAQ's (which have already been linked on other sites, and thanks for the notification about that, MQS), the AFT-S FQA, all the Kermit Krab pages, and three sections of the Right Loop: Kibo, 2-Face, and heck. My main interest right now is building up the Wackylacing pages, in the Crossthreads. So far I have a good timeline built up, but there are many holes. Part of the problem is that Agent damaged a large number of files during my last re-indexing. As a result of this, plus my two hospitalizations, my Agent archive has been seriously crippled. Luckily, I have backups, but the amount of research and re-reading will be substantial. I've chosen to forge ahead with the Wackylacings because I flag each of those with an easy-to-find marker each time I post one.

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