Subject:    Re: Third Rock 3D Glasses Useless
From:       Captain Infinity
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(Travers Naran) wrote :

>The effect varies with the person.  To be accurate, it's an optical
>illusion that takes place in your brain (as opposed to at your eyes
>with the red-blue filters).  The darkened lens causes your mind to
>process the image slightly slower than the image from the other lens.
>The result it your brain's 3D Re-assembly Center gets two images
>slightly out of synch with each other and from the parallax, creates a
>3D effect.

If you really want the full effect of this effect you have to watch the
episode on tape.  Watch each dream sequence once with your right eye
closed, then rewind the tape and watch it again with the left eye
closed.  The time-separation thereby created in your brain's 3D
Re-assembly Center will confuse the usually lazy employees working
there, enough for them to get off their butts and scramble to do their
jobs, under the mistaken belief that you are having either an epileptic
seizure or that you are the victim of a parallel time-loop.  The
resulting confusion will scramble the procyons and erectons of your
neutral synagogues, forcing your mind to accept the images as real-life

Or, you could toss the glasses in the trash and go read a book.

Captain Infinity

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