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Pray And Be Depraved, Book Two
Change in B5 Opening Sequence(Pot vs Kettle)
Anesthesia Sheets

Plumber's Butt
Third Rock 3D Glasses Useless
Darkness Assending, the Missing Scene

What is a Goth?
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Pisses Me Off

Paramount and Star Trek
Meeting Mike Jittlov and Kibo
The Smell of Pulp
Brak - Is he really a kzinti?
Cartoon Synchronicity
REVIEW: Chasey Lain Love Doll
Death By Balloon Blowing
Weird Noo Noo
Does Data Have A Navel?
Testing new .sig
Joey's Weightloss...
Bad TV
Claudia Christian Just Says No To Season 5
How to create your own shadow-speak sound! :)
Did the writers forget Apu?
Star Dates and Time (AHBOU)
Captain Infinity's Reviews
How Scientific Are You?(AHBOU)
Yesterday's Troll... (version 1)
Yesterday's Troll... (version 2)
Why Is Everyone So Angry?
Everybody's got one, so, so will I
I Do not Believe that Anything Exists in the Universe. Period.(AHBOU)
What is Polyamory?
Random Blatherings(AHBOU)
Deja Fun!
Things I Wonder About
What is all about
My Professional Wrestling
My View of Usenet
Death Goes Trolling
Scuzz gets Email
Why I Hate Bagpipes
The Perfect Cup Of Tea
Captain Infinity's Recipes
Terrorist Children?
The Lamest Dream Ever
Batman vs Superman
I Have A Dream

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