Subject:    Anesthesia Sheets
From:       Captain Infinity
Message-ID: <>

In the Bedrooms
Anesthesia Sheets
gray and fray
like the souls they cover.
Behind a locked door, behind a locked door.

The Quiet Room is painted 
with mute echoes of thin red screams,
mists of salty tears,
slaps of Anger,
and forehead flesh.
The walls do not dent, but the mattress can tear.

In the TV Room, Forrest Gump is running across America
for the hundredth time this week.
In open air and freedom
He runs from his past, he runs to and with his Jenny.

Meanwhile, the Hallway is a motionless treadmill
for stocking-covered caffeine-pumped feet
walking hundreds of miles
but never going anywhere.
Behind the locked door, behind the locked door.

In the Groups Room, quiet bodies hold hollow souls.
Twisted sinside out, and doubtside out,
they pulse in anger and ache.
 Do not touch the soul wearing the "Touch Me" sign.
 Do not touch.  (Touch me.)
 Do not touch.  (Touch me.)
 Do not touch.  (         )

In the Games Room
beads are placed on pegs, two loops, just so, just so.
Gimp is woven into tight braids, tight, tight.
The microwave melts a plastic mug; the water boiled away nine minutes ago.
(The air will clear in time; the windows will not open.)
Sand is poured on sticky paper, or into plastic chambers.
 "Don't spill.  You've spilled.  It's okay.  Don't spill again."
(The dustpan is plastic, with blunted corners.)
Crayons are rubbed, and peeled, and rubbed, and peeled.
(Someone cries up the hall, in fear and pain.  Please pass the blue.)
Painted plastic hangs in the windows.  
 "Looks like stained glass."  (There is no glass.)

In the Meds Room
tiny plastic cups hold rainbow M&M's and Skittles.
Choo-Choo-Charlie pulls his engine into the Nurse's Station,
downs his evening dose,
pads into the bedroom,
and crawls beneath his anesthesia sheets.

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