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Cross Threads

 Cross Threads is a collection of Usenet creations which came about through the co-operation of several individuals.  "Jam Sessions", if you will.  As such, this section provides the link between the Left Loop (my own posts) and the Right Loop (posts by others).

 Some of my favorite posts are in this section, including posts which trace the development of the Peep meme, the life of Kermit Krab, the AFT-S FQA and Blackhawk's Peep FAQ, and a delightful ASCII creation I call Mogwai Christmas.

 A few of these collections are quite large, as entire threads are collected onto a single page. In these cases, the "Subject" header only appears on the top post.

  The FQA, 1997-1998

  Blackhawk's FQA, 1999

  The Kamikaze Peep Squad FAQ

  Blackhawk's Peep FAQ

  Here are some newspaper articles about Peeps.  (These are big files, approx 160K each.)
                The one from the Boston Globe, 4-2-99, doesn't mention me, but the one from the Atlanta Journal, 4-8-98, does.

  Kermit Krab:  Introduction & Links


  Clown Pornography

  Mogwai Christmas

  Ray's Nicknames For Debra

  Debra's Abuse Of Ray

 The Mystery of the Big Fork and Spoon

  Miscellaneous Oddities

   The Fantastic Four movie is a Rip-Off of The Incredibles!  Read the Petition to stop it.  The signatures are Here.

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