That's what I call it.  Other people may call it something else.
In any case...it is, simply put, the interlacing of new text between the lines of another poster's text.
It's a natural form of Usenet heckling, and I hear it goes as far back as pre-Usenet bulletin boards.
I learned it from reading Kibo, who is a master at it.

I've placed Wackylacing in the Crossthreads, because it clearly cannot be done alone*.  Most of the Wackylacings you'll find here were culled from the Usenet newsgroup alt.fan.tom-servo.  Some of them are the creation of three or four people, as each person introduces another level in the lace.  Many of these posts contain personal comments that may appear insulting to the original poster; self-deriding "first person" laces are the most fun to create.  For my own part, if you see a lacing with "Captain Infinity" in the "From:" header, insults are included for cheap humor purposes only.  True flames are too easy to write to waste energy by including them in a difficult wackylace.

*except if you are wackylacing a post written by one of your alternate personalities, as I did here.

This page is formatted much like my entire site:
  Left side links lead to my own posts.
Centered links involve myself and others.
Right hand links are lacings done by others.

Check back often for new entries, and bring presents!

Late 1997
hello?  29 Oct 1997
SWPM seeks Miss Right  28 Nov 1997
A Pleasant Surprise  30 Nov 1997
REAL MONET +++++ ON THE INTERNET  7 Dec 1997,  Blackhawk

Early 1998
Why I don't like stadium theaters  3 Jan 1998
Babylon Corsage: JMS' plants  9 Jan 1998
Blind Horse Running  15 Feb 1998
B5:Franklin's comment about a Iowa cult?  27 Feb 1998
The Deconstruction of Falling Posts (a few 1000 more last words)  5 Mar 1998,  Captain Infinity
The Deconstruction of Falling Posts (a few 1000 more last words)  5 Mar 1998,  Blackhawk

What =do= Vorlons eat?  26 Mar 1998
Mid 1998
MiSTing Voyager's "Demon" [MAYONNAISE SPOILERS]  8 May 1998
A Formal Apology For Posting Off Topic.  19 May 1998
Telepaths reading minds of animals  1 June 1998
Darkness Assending, the Missing Scene  8 June 1998
Darkness Assending, the Missing Scene  9 June 1998, Blackhawk

Getting this back to Bester! (was: Off Topic: Bigotry and Eating meat)  10 June 1998
Ya no me quieres? (Re: 'cause you don't love me anymore...)  25 June 1998
Puh-Lease (was: It's Tea-Time in my mind, and I'm out of Clean Cups.)  10 Aug 1998
How to Accept Responsibility in one easy lesson.  10 Aug 1998
The only one who could ever move me was a plain and simple man  11 Aug 1998
Vorlons and Old Ones and Shadows oh my  14 Aug 1998
Late 1998
Babylon 5 G'Kar Bust For Sale  3 Oct 1998

How Scientific Are You? (Part 1)  2 Nov 1998
How Scientific Are You? (Part 2)  7 Nov 1998,  Jesus Moriarty
How Scientific Are You? (Part 3)  25 Nov 1998,  "Suzanne"
How Scientific Are You? (Part 4)  5 Dec 1998

What Is Kibology?  6 Dec 1998
What Is Kibology?  6 Dec 1998,  AFFA MU

Are we "mature enough"? (was: Re: How old are you?)  7 Dec 1998
Early 1999
My shrink is really pissing me off now  8 Jan 1999,  Cronan

Troy Heagy please read this!  12 Jan 1999
Troy Heagy please read this!  12 Jan 1999,  Cronan
Chaste Masterbator (DT69's Licker) Message to Fandom  14 Feb 1999
Who'd win?  21 Feb 1999
A really minor observation, was Re: Woeful *Duffus* Goatus: Oinkus, Oinkus, Oinkus...  6 Mar 1999
It's snowin' and I'm feeling smug  10 Mar 1999
It's snowin' and I'm feeling smug  29 Mar 1999

Mid 1999
Squishy Dust Bunnies  16 May 1999
USA's Bombings of China  21 May 1999
New trend: women sucking on pacifiers in public???  1 June 1999
[Xena/Herc] Why can't someone play Isreali God?  7 June 1999
[Xena/Herc] Why can't someone play Isreali God?  7 June 1999
Midnight Shifts, the GODDAMNED NBA, and CRAPASS TNT  4 July 1999
An admittance.  16 July 1999

BABYLON 5 SUCKS!  8 Aug 1999,  WWS
Clinton why would he veto a tax cut?  9 Aug 1999
Comment: Widescreen version of Deep Impact - no spoilers  24 Aug 1999,  Recook77
Comment: Widescreen version of Deep Impact - no spoilers (take 2)  31 Aug 1999,  Recook77
Beagle Therapy  31 Aug 1999
Late 1999
Plastic Bean Dip  20 Sep 1999
Wackylacing Cronan's Introduction  11 Nov 1999,  Antifrance
Why is cereal so interesting?  13 Nov 1999,  Wayland
Why is cereal so interesting? (take 2)  15 Nov 1999,  Captain Infinity
YUMme update  22 Nov 1999
YUMme update (take 2)  23 Nov 1999,  Blackhawk
YUMme update (take 3)  23 Nov 1999,  Antifrance
My Buttery Fear  29 Nov 1999,  Antifrance
Trickylazing Wackiness (My Buttery Fear take 2)  2 Dec 1999,  Jaime De Castellvi
What is Christmas pudding?  5 Dec 99
Why would they attack the Mars lander?  8 Dec 1999,  Sian Massey
Christmas Carol on TNT  9 Dec 99
New Patents etc  11 Dec 99
A story about peeps  13 Dec 1999,  Mr. Hole
A story about peeps  14 Dec 1999,  WWS

Early 2000
Cartons and crates of papers and booklets  11 Apr 2000
Mid 2000
Thrillogy--SPOILERS-SPOILERS!  5 May 2000
[OT:]  26 May 2000
Star Trek Transporter Toilet?  13 Jul 2000
Rush Limbaugh's Undeniably A Twat  20 Jul 2000
Well, this just blows loads of monkey kibble, or something...  22 Aug 2000
Late 2000
Ed Gein  5 Sep 2000
Infinity at Large...  8 Sep 2000
celebs searching everything  19 Sep 2000
Bush on Regis' show did Bush diss the Northeast?  21 Sep 2000
Looking forwards to Andromeda's third season  26 Jan 2001,  Gharlane of Eddore
Childish liberals - your tax dollars at work  3 Feb 2001
Oh my heavenly lord  29 Jun 2001
What an eventful week (or even two!) it was!  25 Aug 2001
An alternative to political and/or religious debate  1 Sep 2001
Desperately Seeking Wonka  13 Oct 2001
Movie Reminders  27 Mar 2002
Firefly -- WOW! Brand New! NR. L@@K!!!  29 Nov 2002
Andromeda - The Unconquerable Man - actually watchable - spoilers  31 Jan 2003
End of the road for SMTP?  3 Aug 2003

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