Subject:    Re: New trend: women sucking on pacifiers in public???
From: (Captain Infinity)
Date:       Tue, 1 Jun 1999
Message-ID: <>

Once Upon A Time
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Dan Tropea wrote *some* of these things:

>This morning i went to an outdoor fleamarket

in Canada.  I walked there backwards.  I'll tell ya, Canada is a place

>which i will never go back to since it was all 

*covered* with foreigners!  And the car I rented was a complete piece of

>junk. Anyways i browsed around for about an

average of 2 minutes per table.  Then I watched "Happy Days" for an

>hour then decided to get a diet coke and sit

on it, Potsie!  AYYYYY!!  Then I smoked some crack and took a little nap

>on a bench in the shade. 

>Well this couple walks by (in their early 20s) the girl says that she is

pregnant with my baby!  Yay, I'm virile!  I was so happy I decided I was

>going to sit for a few minutes to get out of the sun. 

My invisible friends sat there with me.  It was a fun day for all.

>She was really attractive and she went in to

the ladies room to "freshen up"  heh heh, say no more.  I looked in

>her pocketbook and dug out a pacifier. Yes

it was larger than my penis so I swapped them. I traded my penis in for

>a pacifier. She then started sucking on it and

biting real hard.  "OUCH!" I cried.  "Wouldn't you rather be

>licking it. Not paying any attention to the people

who are yelling 'bite it off!'?" I asked her.  Then she looked

>around her. It was a crowded fleamarket. 

>Is this a new trend that young women are into?

And why wasn't I invited?  I wear a pacifier around my neck.  Momma says

>It looks so stupid. 

>The only other things that i  later thought of is that she is using it

as a belly-button plug, to keep amniotic fluid from escaping.  I use one

>as a stress release or to cut down on chewing her nails. Trust me on

this; biting other people's nails is hard. Unlike my nose-picking habit,

>this one nail biting is torture to break - i have given up trying. 

Captain Infinity

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