Subject:    Re: Ya no me quieres? (Re: 'cause you don't love me anymore...)
From: (Captain Infinity)
Date:       Thu, 25 Jun 1998
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Blackhawk wrote *some* of these things:

>Well I'm far from an expert in the Spanish language, but I'll play one

in a game or Deathmatch Battleship Bingo!  Watch the blood fly, right

>here. There are a number of "regional dialects" in Latin America which I'm

sure are under the control of La Cosa Nostra.  Areolae diameters, I am

>told are quite distinct (some I can actually tell the difference myself).

(With some others I need help from Mr. Wizard.  Ay˙deme, Se˝or Mago!!!)

>However Castillian Spanish seems to differ from all of the Latin American

Indians on the reservation.  That version of "Kemosabe" is odder than other

>varieties. One distinction is the making of a soft "sth" sound instead of

a guttural "urgh" when brass knuckles meet soft flesh.  I often pronounce

>the harder "ss" sound for the letter "c" in many words like "gracias" or

"I clit a cheet, a cheet I clit, and on the clitted cheet I cit" or even

>"Barcelona". There are a number of other differences, but that one always

makes me giggle like a schoolgirl, or a witch with a whip.  Nothing else

>stands out to me. Just compare, oh say, the Spanish of Selina or Gloria

Bunker to the nasal twang of Fran Drescher.  Or the hawklike nose of Gloria

>Estephan to the Gipsy Kings or even Julio Iglesias and you'll see what I'm

trying to avoid saying, preferring instead to ramble so noone knows what I'm

>talking about. There was an episode of "Young Indiana Jones" that had to

use live actors instead of the usual clay dummies.  And "Star Wars" had to

>be dubbed once because LucasArts realized that they had accidentally hired

Pig Latin Americans; everyone kept saying "Ooklay".  Star Trek II employed

>a group of Castillian actors to play the Mexicans who had been terrorized

by Kahn.  "We don't need no steenking comm batches!"  Ceti Alpha V ruled

>by Pancho Villa! Imagine how funny it would sound if a bunch of guys with

sombreros & bumpy foreheads were spanked by Kang's Corinthian Leather Whip!

Captain Infinity

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