Subject:    Re: What is Kibology?
From:       AFFA MU
Newsgroups: alt.religion.kibology,rec.bicycles.misc,
Date:       Sun, 6 Dec 1998
Message-ID: <>

On Sun, 6 Dec 1998 20:42:27 GMT, Captain Infinity wrote:

>In article <74de7c$ou8$>
>G & J wrote *some* of these things:

>Some guy has been cross posting things over to the
pressure cooker on the counter in the kitchen where I keep the
>left side of my brain, where I keep my numbers.  So I subbed to the
No, I mean "stubbed" my toe while riding around in the boring
>Rec.Bicycle.misc NG and I saw this NG listed.  Looked up Kibology
in the Neopolitan Museum of Art, and when I lifted up the statue's
> wore no panties!  My shoestore inventory is almost empty,
but the business is doing so well, I got it a new phone number,
>and it's not listed in Oxford.
The people in Oxford are so rude, they'll walk up and say things like
>So don't come here to buy that style, okay?
So I said /screw/ you and the horse that rode up your ass.
>So what is it?  It looks kinda strange around here so I'm just
trying to make dinner tonight by eating the directions and
>reading spam until the FAQ arrives.  All these sex pictures make me
feel tingly and funny all over and kind of lightheaded. I'm more than
>slightly confused.

Douglas Goodall
cuprum at earthlink network
lim f(x) = oo
x -> sky

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