Subject:    Re: Comment: Widescreen version of Deep Impact - no spoilers
From:       recook77
Date:       30 Aug 1999
Message-ID: <7qfctd$>

(can I try a wackylace?  Pleeeeeeeeez?)

Dan Tropea wrote in message
>I bought yesterday the widescreen version of
Deep Throat. I shoplifted it from Porn Mart. It was then
>that i noticed with widescreen is for close up

money shots, which is preferable, because in money shots
>the heads are cut off. For long shots widescreen is wonderful.
I think money shots are when actors are paid money.  Why don't the cameras
>scan for focused narrow scenes - such as a dinner scene focusing on 2
frat boys "eating out."  It is cinematically more effective with
>the widescreen effect. To me that would make a lot more sense then having
it all one way.
>Some scenes  in this movie
made me uncomfortable.  Is *that* what I look like "down there"?

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