Subject:    Re: BABYLON 5 SUCKS!
From:       WWS
Date:       Sun, 08 Aug 1999
Message-ID: <>

gary wrote:
> My god!, i thought that Star Trek fans were nerds but then i see a
mirror I think oh, god, I still live in my parents basement, reading a
> newsgroup dedicated to Babylon 5? that's really getting desperate,
I wish, I wish I could get a date.  Everyone says I smell bad, but
> what's the world coming to? the show stinks people! the stories are
all gossip about me.  I made some of my own shows on a camcorder. They're
> lame, the acting is horrible, in fact the actors on the show are all
the friends I have in the world.  Okay, the only friends I have anywhere are
> cast offs and losers who can't get on any real shows so they just go
hang out in front of the 7-11 cuz they aint got nuthin to do, man. I went
> to Babylon 5 because they'll hire anyone, like the Love Boat did in
my fantasies.  But when I went there they called the cops.  I did time in
> the early 80's. Aside from the acting, the makeup and effects are
all I get by on, I wear womens clothing when I'm feeling lonely. They say I'm 
> laughable, the makeup is totally overdone and the computer graphics on
my screensaver are really perverse.  I strip on stage, but my costumes on
> the show are so low budget and cheesy looking that it makes the old
whores on 6th street look really classy by comparison.  I really love kinky
> 50's movies with models tied to strings to look hi-tech.



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