Subject:    Re: Christmas Carol on TNT
From: (Captain Infinity)
Date:       Thu, 9 Dec 1999
Message-ID: <>

Once Upon A Time,
In article <>
Mortis wrote:

>I used my telepathic powers to read
><>, in which holefamily1
>>Mr. Hole
>>Look I'm back!!
>Good.  That drumstick was starting to get really funky.

Almost as funky as Mortis' .sig.  Pee-yew!  Time to get to work:

>Master of the Unknown, KPS
>Nebulosis Defunctus
>"Oh, who shall from this dungeon raise
From where it lays in goofy daze
>A soul enslaved so many ways?
>With bolts of bones, that fettered stands
wrapped up in Silly Putty strands
>In feet, and manacled in hands;
>Here blinded with an eye, and there
sitting pantsless in a high chair
>Deaf with the drumming of an ear;
>A soul hung up, as 'twere, in chains
of Play-Doh, lacking all of brains,
>Of nerves, and arteries, and veins;
>Tortured, besides each other part,
while holding back an immense fart
>In a vain head, and double heart."
>   -Andrew Marvell, "A Dialogue Between the Soul and Body"

There.  I've been wanting to do that for a while now.

Captain Infinity

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