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1.Captain Infinity20th Century Fox should be ashamed of themselves!
2.Mr. HoleI DEMAND that the Fantastic Four NOT be released into theatres because its a ripoff!! Stop STEALING Pixar's ideas!!! P.S. Can I have some cheese please?
3.Roberto MShame on U!
4.Matt M 
5.Victor Von DoomCurse you Richards!
6.Derek JanssenYeah, and Stan Lee comes up with this crazy alibi about writing the comic *forty years* before Brad Bird thought it up...Talk about desperate!
7.bklyntvummm.... Are you being sarcastic? Fantastic Four debuted in their own title "Fantastic Four" in November of 1961, with essentially the same powers and team line-up as the the film. 40 years before work started on The Incredibles. The Incredibles was an "homage" to the FF (rip-off really, I loved it, but their powers were not original.) Read all about it: And Pixar is no little guy, they're partnered with Disney who will use all the muscle in their arsenal to protect their investment.
8.George PeattyGive me a break! The Fantastic Four as a concept .. a *copyrighted* concept .. dates back to 1960. It is the Incredibles that is arguably the ripoff, though I prefer to regard it as a homage .. 
9.Michael B.Sarcasm....look it up...
10.Derek JanssenMore accurately, "showbiz" troll, with a one-joke encore...pass it by...
12.OberonIsn't about 90% of what Hollywood creates a rip off of something else?
13.Andrea B. NovinThis is a joke right?  Now a days it is hard to separate a joke or good troll from true ignorance.
14.ANIM8RfskAnd the people that made the abominable FF movie made a joke out of true ignorance.  SHUT IT DOWN NOW!!
15.888eight888Captain Infinity, can you explain this petition? I thought the original Fantastic Four comic was from the early '60's?  Wouldn't The Incredibles be the ones that ripped off FF?  Is it that the script for the new FF movie is too similar to the Pixar script for the Incredibles?  Or is this petition a sarcastic joke?
16.smaug69Marvel should be suing you and Brad Bird. lmao. Without the FF there would have been no Incredibles.
17.JorabiAre you trolling or what? FF has been around for 40+ years, so how could it be a ripoff of Incredibles?
18.claudia35And The Fantastic Four came out over 30 years ago. LOL I watched the cartoon every Saturday when I was a kid. I'm 40 now so that tells you it's been awhile. And the comic book came out before that. There's a new movie coming soon called "Sky High" which does seem to be a rip off of "The Incredibles". A "normal" family who just happen to have super powers. This is live action though not a cartoon. Has Kurt Russel in it.  I, of course, was always Invisible Sue when we played Fantastic Four.  And I always thought that The Rock aka Rocky aka Ben in the FF looked like he was made from poop. *LOL*
19.smaug69Are you retarded? The Fantastic Four have been around for over 40 YEARS!!!! And they have been trying to get a big film version done for decades. Brad Bird was influenced by FF no matter what he says.  Elastigirl is a ripoff of Mr. Fantastic and Violet's powers are a ripoff of the Invisible Girl's powers. Dash is a Flash ripoff and Jack Jack even turns into a Human Torch-like character at the end.  My only hope for you is that the petition is a just a big ironic joke.  If it's not then you are a total fucking moron.
20.CMGimme a break , Do you know that FF came out in 1960's stan lee should sue them. You would think there ARE MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO WORRY ABOUT ...
21.smaug69Okay, so your petition really is just a joke. Fine. You're so clever and funny. ha ha.  In any case, please remove my name and comments from your website. You did not ask my permission. I certainly didn't sign the petition.
22.r wileyI know how you feel. I felt the same way when Mel Gibson made "Hamlet".  The plot is lifted directly from "Strange Brew".
23.Emerald SamuraiSHUT THE HELL UP, THE FANTASTIC4 MOVIE WAS GREAT! THIS PETITION IS CRAP LIKE YOU!  Time to be evil!!  Let's Rock!!!  Kitty Pryde/ShadowCat is HOT!!!  Badness is cool!!!
24.JinxThis has got to be a joke right?  FF a ripoff of the Incredibles?  Thats bass akwards.
25.Billy BevaquaThe Incredibles got to the Movie Theaters first, and unlike the FF movie, it did not suck. Because the assholes who made the FF movie did it like a children's comedy, it is inevitable that most people that see the movie are going to think that the FF movie is ripping off the spirit of the Incredibles, which is true.  The fact is that the FF movie is for kiddies, and the Director was trying to bottle lightning and get the same kind of hit that the Incredibles became.  But people recognize a FRAUD for what it is.  I hope the FF movie sinks like a rock. It sucks.
26.Brian DoyleI'm assuming it's a beautifully crafted little joke on human gullibility to see how many people he can convince of the "truth" of the claim... I have to assume that or else I get scared...
27.mpoconnor7I can imagine a theatre manager getting a call from the home office, inquiring as to why he removed the Fantastic Four movie from his theatre screens, and the theatre manager replying that somebody contacted him and told him the movie was a blatant ripoff of The Incredibles, and he agreed and decided his theatre didn't need the tens of thousands of dollars that would roll in from showing the FF movie.  I'm not a comic book reader, but I'm pretty sure the FF has been around since the early 60's; it came along at roughly the same time as Spiderman and the Hulk and helped get Marvel Comics off the ground. If anything, The Incredibles was a satire, a family friendly spoof of the FF comics.
28.sennaThe Incredibles was a good movie. But please don't portray this as some kind of master scheme by the FF producers to rip it off. It's a ridiculous accusation.
29. bill234are you joking  It's a ridiculous accusation.  You can't "rip-off" action hero movies - because they are all the same anyway. 
30.rstUgh... how can I put this....  You're an idiot.  Super hero films cannot be "ripped-off" or plagarized- because they all basically have the same premise, plot, storylines- sometimes even the dialogue is the same. This is a ridiculous accusation you have made.  This petition is a joke- and 20th Century will never respond because they will be too busy laughing at you.
31.Kevin S. WilsonYou can bet that plenty of people will be laughing before this is all said and done -- but it won't be the people at Plagiarstic 20th Century.
32. Todd0im sorry, but i found that petition to be hilarious...since the fantastic four movie is based on the comic book which started in the early 60' actuality, the incredibles was a direct rip off of the fantastic the way, maybe you didnt know but, the fantastic four movie (even if we pretend the 42 yr old comic didnt exist) is a remake of the fantastic four movie that came out in the early 90's...perhaps you should do some research before you start silly petitions. ;)  thank you.....idiot... haha
33.NickDeath to 20th Century Fox. Long live Mr. Incredible!
34.hobbyfanIncredibles, IMPO, was inspired by the FF, and thus the FF movie can't be a ripoff. Some punk decided he didn't like the way the FF movie was made and pulled this garbage. I hope his bragadoccio gets him in trouble.  
FWIW, the movie wasn't that great.
35.Scott McAllisterI'm thinking about starting my own petition to have DVD sales of the Incredibles banned forever. I can't believe the nerve of them trying to swipe Elasti-girl from DC like that. You know Pixar only settled because they were caught. I'd rather we all gave our money straight to DC, because Time-Warner can never have enough money. ;-)  I gotta admit, this is somewhat amusing satire.
36.DWWhy should the film be shut down? This is hardly the first film that copies an idea from another film.  I'm going to go see it and enjoy it. If you don't like it don't see it.  BTW, you do realize Fantastic four is based on a comic book that was written long before Pixar was created?
37.BizYou're implying that The Incredibles was a comic book or idea way b4 Fantastic 4 was? The Fantastic 4 was created in like 1961...Did you remove your aluminum helmet by mistake or miss your meds? Unless you can show me that the idea for The Incredibles was hatched b4 the idea for The Fantastic 4 was back in 1961, you're a complete dimwit.

The The Fantastic Four is a rip-off of The Incredibles! Petition to 20th Century Fox was created by and written by Captain Infinity (   The petition was FORMERLY hosted at ....until it was mysteriously SHUT DOWN!! Was 20th Century Fox behind it? WHO CAN SAY?!!

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