Subject:    Re: What is Polyamory?  (i)
From:       Captain Infinity
Message-ID: <>

Once Upon A Time,
In article <&>
WWS wrote:

>> Anonymous ( wrote:
>> : (if you are interested in knowing more about polyamory,
>> I know i shouldn't respond because the turkey likely won't see it, but in
>> any case what the hell does this have to do with the newsgroups it was
>> posted to?  I haven't heard of it coming up on tv recently.
>No, you got it wrong.  Some of the people there *ARE* TV's.

That reminds me of a joke I just made up:

Q: What's it called when all three lovers are overweight?

A: RolyPolyamory.

Captain Infinity you thought I was gonna say "Satai", didn't you?

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