Captain Infinity's Reviews
Let me state up front that I am not a professional reviewer of
 Television or Movies or Things To Eat.  Or Julia Louis-Dreyfus.
I review these things as a hobby.  I try to keep my reviews short and
to the point.  I say what I think and then I get out quick.

Although I have an ego large enough to cover the time it took
to put these reviews on my website, my ego is not large enough
to believe that any of them are worth reading.  Don't waste your time.
Go look at the Clown Pornography in the Crossthreads instead.

Star Trek Voyager:  "The Raven"

   Babylon 5:  "Mind War"

      Babylon 5:  "No Compromises"

         Sliders:  "Net Worth"

            Julia Louis-Dreyfus on Letterman


                  Planet of the Apes


                        "Come Together"

                           Tonight's "Buffy"

                              Lord of the Rings

                                 Enterprise "Equilibrium"

                                    The Time Machine

                                       The Family Guy

                                          Star Wars 2:  Attack of the Clones

                                             The Alphabet

Right Loop


Left Loop

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