Subject:    Re: Bad TV
From:       Captain Infinity
Message-ID: <33a2613e.2462892@nntp.netcruiser>

In article <5np95r$>
ML ROSS wrote :

>There is way to much bad TV.

Bad TV!  Bad!  Bad bad TV!  Look what you did!  And on the _rug_ !
Now how am I going to clean that up?

I should spank you with a rolled up TV Guide, but you'll just come
snuggling up to me later, wagging your cable.  Oh, damn, I just can't
stay mad at you, you're so adorable and I love you so much!

Give me a big wet sloppy sitcom, you silly old TV you.

Captain Infinity
....something's missing in my life, but damned if I know what it is.

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