Subject:    Subject: [] subscribe
From:       Riboflavin
Message-ID: <>

Subject: subscribe 
From:    Captain Infinity
Newsgroups:, alt.religion.kibology

I don't normally post email to Usenet, but I need help with this one.
This arrived this morning.  What do I do?

>   To:
>   Subject: subscribe
>   From: Papadali <[xxxxx]>
>   Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 02:58:11 EDT
>   subscribe

I'm tempted to send him copies of all my Usenet posts, but no one deserves
that kind of treatment, not even an AOL'er.
Maybe it's some kind of message from the future?  Am I destined to manage a
mailing list some day?  What the peep kind of list would would it be?

Captain Infinity

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