Subject:    Re: Brak - Is he really a kzinti?
From:       Captain Infinity
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Reverend Sean O'Hara wrote:

>Bryan Lambert wrote:
>> but Ghost Planet Industries is still devoting
>> all its effort to Coast to Coast, and there are no plans to make new CP stuff
>> anytime soon.
>New Cartoon Planet stuff? They have a couple dozen animated sequences
>they reconstitute in different orders, with different dialogue. There's
>Space Ghost flying away and Space Ghost flying in (the former sequence
>in reverse) Brak talking, Brak singing (the former sequence, but Brak's
>head motions are faster) Zorak talking, Zorak standing on his head, 
>Space Ghost talking, and close ups of Zorak and Space Ghost talking. I
>think that about covers it. Cartoon Planet, is in many ways cheaper than
>South Park (which doesn't use limited animation quite as much).

I could watch a whole hour of Brak.  Just Brak, talking, singing, standing
on his head.  Standing on Zorak's head.  Standing on your head.  

I like Brak.  I like all the Kzinti.  I've liked the Kzinti ever since I
first saw them on the "Star Trek" cartoon episode about the Slaver Weapon.
Later I read the "Ringworm" series and liked them even more.  

My favorite Kzinti story is "The Ballad of Lost C'Mell".  

Kzinti are cool.  Kzinti are neat.  Kizinti have claws 'n' hairy feet.

Captain Infinity
 ...Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.  Everybody.

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