Subject:    Re: Everybody's got one, so, so will I.
From:       Captain Infinity
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Mariane Desautels wrote:

>From now on, is MINE.

Why would anyone want to antagonize transvestites?  
Are we not human?  Do we not want to be loved, just like anyone else?  
OK, so we wear panties, bras, and stockings.  IS THAT A CRIME??!

This antagonism, it's all Danny Bonaduce and Eddie Murphy's fault.  And
that English git, whateverthehekhisnameis, "Huge Grant" or something.

I'm gonna stick with  If I'm going to be pushed around
in a newsgroup, I want it to be done by professionals.

Captain Infinity
 "...members of the crew egged me on, saying, 'Put the live ones in
     your mouth. Do it.'  So I took them like medicine--I closed my
     eyes and hoped for the best.  Had it been after lunch, there's
     no way I could've done it. Luckily, it was on an empty stomach."
                                                    --Jerry O'Connell

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