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On Fri, 30 May 1997 14:33:08 -0500, In, Sleepy Kitten
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>Kirsten Frederiksen wrote:
>> Is it true that Joey lost so much weight that the viewers thought he had
>> AIDS???
>> I live in Europe, and we haven't gotten that far...
>> kirsten
>Close, I think it's really Matt Perry, the actor that 
>plays Chandler that has really lost alot of weight. 
>It's been a topic that's been talked about a lot 
>on this NG.  I've noticed quite a weight loss on him.

I think you're both wrong.  Chandler is thinner.
Matt's the same weight as ever, but he's playing Chandler thinner.
(Matt's such a good actor, ain't he?)

On the other hand:
Rachel has not gotten bitchier, Aniston has.
Cox has no observable talents, so neither does Monica.
Kudrow's breasts are bigger (C) than Phoebe's (B), but in an inverse of
the usual correlation, she is not as dumb.
Schwimmer really does sleep with monkeys, and has turned women into
And, in real life, during the Winter hiatus, Matt LeBlanc actually works
in a Xmas Tree lot, to earn extra money to support his Ramen Noodle Soup
addiction.  (He also really does wear his underwear on the outside.)

Captain Infinity
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