Subject:    Re: Change in B5 Opening Sequence
From:       Captain Infinity
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James C. Ellis wrote:

>Ford A. Thaxton wrote:
>> James C. Ellis wrote:
>> >
>> >   Whoa!  Now if that ain't a fine example of the pot screaming out
>> > "Black!", I don't know what is.
>> >
>> Then clearly you don't.
>> I go to great pains to make the difference clear, even to someone like
>> you.
>> Ford A. Thaxton
>> p.s: cowardly attempts on follow-ups is really childish on your part.
>  "Black,  Black!,  Black!!!",  howls the pot.

Suddenly, the Kettle turned, enraged.  It had *had enough*.  Day after day of
being continuously taunted by the was too much.  It snapped.

Grabbing the two-pronged Spaghetti Fork, it approached the howling Pot
menacingly.  The Lids, watching from the hanger on the inside of the cabinet
door, shuddered in apprehension, sending up an aluminum rattle that woke the
Heavy Duty Cast Iron Frying Pan from its slumber.

The Pot was unmoved by the threat.  "Black!  Black!" it continued howling.
    (None of the other cooking utensils knew that five weeks 
     earlier the Pot had lost its mind during an unexpected 
     boil&burn incident involving cream of broccoli soup.  
     Still warm and smoking, it had been placed on the kitchen 
     floor for the Dog to lick...which it had, for 48 minutes.  
     At some point during all this the Pot had gone hopelessly insane.)

"Black! Black! Black!" it screamed now, as it had for the past month.

Slowly, the Kettle approached, Fork tines extended, intent on poking a few
holes and ending the Pot's useful life, when suddenly--

                               --TO BE CONTINUED--

Captain Infinity

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