Subject:    [alt.religion.kibology] Re: Random Blatherings
From:       Dean Lenort
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Subject: Re: Random Blatherings 
From:    Captain Infinity
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Once Upon A Time,
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And knowing is half the battle wrote:

>5) Don't you hate getting a dollar bill with spiratual messages on it? Why
>can't they do something cool, like putting PRON URLS on it?

Argh, those are too much trouble.  I got a dollar bill with a URL on it
once.  First I had to scan it, then I had to Photoshop the scan to clean
it up, then I had to run it through an image-to-text translator, until I
could finally cut&paste the URL into my browser.

Then it turned out to be a contortionist site that had only grainy B&W
images.  Plus, I had already been there a month ago.  What a gyp.

Captain Infinity

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