Subject:    Lamest dream *ever*
From:       Captain Infinity
Newsgroups: alt.dreams,
Message-ID: <>

Don't you hate lame dreams?  You know, dreams where you wake up and say
"what the hell was *that* about?"  Dreams that make going to sleep seem

Yesterday, I took a nap.  What the hell, it was Saturday, bite me I'm
taking a nap.

I dreamed that I was sitting at the kitchen table, eating soup, with my
Latin teacher from High School.  She was eating soup too.  We were
sitting there, eating soup.  We didn't talk, she didn't teach me any more
Latin, we just sat there eating soup.  The end.

I don't even know what kind of soup it was.  It was just some vague
souplike soup.  We were using spoons to eat the soup.  Me and my Latin
teacher.  At the table.  Eating soup.  That's all.

Damned lamest dream I ever had.  I want my money back.

Captain Infinity
 ..."There's no emoticon for what I'm feeling!" --Comic Book Guy

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