Subject:    Re: The phrase "MTV: The Real World" is an oxymoron
From:       Captain Infinity
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Once Upon A Time,
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David E. Powell wrote:


I fail to see how MTV's Real World show has anything to do with Pro
Wrestling, you silly crossposting troll.

However, I do find that if I watch too many hours of "Fantasy Island" on
the Sci-Fi channel, I eventually get a rather annoying case of Pro
Wrestling.  First it starts as a minor itch, and scratching it feels good.
Eventually though, scratching starts to irritate the skin, particularly
where the legband cuts in.  By the fourth or fifth episode, watching the
abomination that is "Malcolm McDowell as Mr. Rourke" makes the Pro
Wrestling unbearable.  The area always seems to be moist; like sweat but
more extensive.  The smell is terrible.  No matter how much I bathe, it
doesn't go away.  Soon the legband areas of my underwear are turning yellow
by the end of the day.  I've tried anti-fungal creams, but the Pro
Wrestling just won't go away.  I've now stopped watching Fantasy Island
completely, but the Pro Wrestling is still there, and the itch is
maddening.  This is the worst case of Pro Wrestling I've had since Junior
High School.  I remember the Coach warning us about Pro Wrestling, but I
forgot and didn't wash my jockstrap enough to prevent it.  I haven't had it
since then...but now I've got it, and from Fantasy Island, of all things!

Does anybody else have this problem, or know someone who has?

Captain Infinity
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