Subject:    Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Pisses Me Off
From:       Captain Infinity
Message-ID: <>

As you know, some rat-bastards have killed Chancellor Gorkon.  They beamed
over to the Klingon ship, turned off its gravity, and shot him in the
chest, splashing purple goo everywhere.  But whodunnit?  There's only one
way to find out: look for a pair of magnetic boots.

Valeris finds such a pair.  So she and Chekov and Dr. McCoy call the alien
crewman who owns the locker in which they were hiding, pull him off duty,
c'mere you, we gotcha now.

With a canary-in-the-cat's-mouth grin, she smirkingly accuses the guy.  
Dr. McCoy says, "LOL WUT?" and the camera tilts down.... to the crewman's
huge and ugly alien feet.  GOSHDARNIT!  We accused the wrong guy.

This scene pisses me off.

The crewman is *barefoot*.  Barefoot, while on duty!  Now, I've been
watching Star Trek in all its incarnations for 43 years, and I've never
seen a crewperson BAREFOOT WHILE ON DUTY.

This scene is awful, and should never have been written, much less filmed.
It's a joke, and a bad one.  If they *had* to include it, he should have
been wearing huge shoes, which they should have had him remove to display
his huge and ugly feet.  It makes absolutely NO SENSE for this crewman to
be on duty barefoot.  Were I his supervisor I'd have him shipped back to
Starfleet Junior College for more training in protocol.

I demand, I say, I DEMAND, that Paramount slap some pointed ears on Kim
Cattrall and dig DeForest Kelley out of his grave and RESHOOT THIS SCENE,
replacing all copies of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country in
existence.  I'll be writing a letter to them today, demanding this.  

Who's with me?

Please Check One:

[  ] I'm with you, Captain.  I'm sending you $5.00 and will write a letter
to Paramount today.

[  ] I'm with you, but I can't be arsed to write a letter.  I'm sending you
$50.00 to hire someone to do it for me.

[  ] I'm not with you.  What a stupid thing to get upset about.  I'm
sending you $500.00 to shut the eff up and forget all about it.

Captain Infinity

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