Subject:    What is a Goth?
From:       Captain Infinity
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Rev. Carroll D. Kraston wrote:

>Once again, you miss the point. Just because society says something is
>true doesn't make it so. I wear panties and makeup BECAUSE I love
>women, and that's the way *I* choose to express my love for
>femininity. Wearing panties doesn't make me gay anymore than wearing a
>football shirt makes me a football player.

I wear a space helmet because I am a cowboy!

I wear spurs because I am a ballerina!

I wear "This Way To The Egress" signs because I am a Circus!

>I am, I'm comfortable enough with my "side" to not have my sense of
>masculinity threatened by clothes I choose to wear. I have no
>inclination towards men, as a matter of fact, I hate most men, and I'm
>not fond of having all this body hair, or being expected to be a slob
>just because "I'm a Man". I like pretty things, and I like pretty
>music, so I wear panties, date hot woman(although it's been awhile)
>and listen to and play music that expresses who I am.

I have to hang all my undershirts on plastic hangers, or else they'll
sneak into my room at night and smother me.  I only hate racists and
Mexicans.  I had all my body hair permanently removed when I was 22.  I
like hot women that make pretty music in their panties.  While *wearing*
their panties, that is.  I don't particularly care for the music that's
made *in* panties.  IYKWIM.

>>Do you and your "girls" ever fight over who wears the panties to bed? Do you
>>ever scold them for stealing your favorite shade of lipstick?
>nope, I've gotten most of my panties from my girlfriends, and I have
>annoyed some of them by "borrowing" and never returning panties. 

Leaving them bare-assed, in the freezing rain, outside the theater!  
On a Saturday afternoon in December when the new Disney movie is opening
and ten thousand kids are milling about!  

Ohhh, I'll never forget that day, I'll tell you!

>But hey, haven't you ever had a "girlfriend" that wore your briefs or
>boxers or longjohns or shits? By your logic, Any girl that wears men's
>things MUST be a dyke....

That's *another* day I'll never forget, the day my "girlfriend" wore my
shits.  She was the *best* "girlfriend", too.  You don't find many that
will do that for you.  Certainly not for less than $500, anyway.

>Yet I've known and dated TONS of women who wore boxers, briefs, 501s,
>Perhaps these dykes confused my penis for a vagina...

It's!  Been!  Known!  To!  Happen!

That's why I always wear a big button that says "I'm an OUTIE!", just in
case the wig, lipstick, and skirt give them the wrong idea.

>Maybe we should give hippies haircuts and force them to eat beef,


>maybe we should tell the people in professional sports to grow up and
>stop chasing balls around, maybe we should get all the farmers to stop
>dressing up like cowboys, after all, these aren't "grown up" things to

(4) (12)  FARMERS IN SPAAAAAAACE!  (CC)  1:00  1779/91287  TV14
 Billy Bob loses his space helmet, and the other farmers kick him
 out of the Cowboy Guild.  Wilson advises Tim to cut Randy's hair
 and force him to eat beef.  Special Guest Star: Dennis Rodman.

>Everyday is Halloween, we all wear some sort of costume every day.
>Some costumes are just more elaborate and imaginative than others.

Last year I went as a Black Hole.  When the door was opened I would
shout "BEWARE MY INESCAPABLE GRAVITY WELL!" and grab ALL the candy and
run away.  Then a passing Hyundai clipped my event horizon and I was in
the hospital for a week.


Captain Infinity

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