Subject:    Re: Plot devices that make you want to scratch your head
From:       Captain Infinity
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B.L. Nadri wrote:

>On Sun, 28 Jun 1998 01:00:53 -0500, (Jaffo), you
>arched a brow and said dryly:
>>I would like to state now and for the record, that I do not have the
>>slightest CLUE who Mike Jittlov is, and I've never really cared enough
>>to investigate.
>Oh boy, you've done it now. Corgi's gonna get ya. [grin]
>But seriously, I'm not sure who started this particular cross-post,

It was me, in <> on June 16, 1998.

>Jittlov is an FX man, hollyweird outcast, and generally good and
>gentle guy. Needless to say, this means he is mercilessly
>steamrollered by the world at large.
>So now ya know.

I met Mike Jittlov once, in Harvard Square.  He and Kibo were having a
contest to see who could manipulate space/time the best.  Jittlov vibrated
in place so fast that he blurred, and he radiated a heat that melted a sign
on the front of the "Laser Designs" building where Kibo had just been
laid off.  Kibo, for his part of the contest, froze every atom of his being
into complete motionless, and literally became a living statue (see photo here.) [1]
The air around him chilled, and the rest of the mere mortals around him backed
away for fear of freezing.  In fact, noted Science Fiction author Joe
Haldeman was passing by, felt the chill, and started running away.

Fearing some type of Universal Matrix Collapse if these two guys were to
come in contact, or if their spheres of Reality Alteration were to somehow
overlap, I managed to distract them both.  First I waved my Travel Wand at
Jittlov, which caught his attention, and he stopped vibrating so that he
could get some good video shots of the Wizard image which adorned my
clothing that day.  Then I pulled the naked core of a Rubik's Cube out of a
nearby tesseract, waved it in front of Kibo to get his attention, and then
offered him some cherry PEZ from a Yoda-head PEZ dispenser.  That's all it
took to get him moving again.  (Kibo and PEZ seem to be like Underdog and
his Secret Energy Pill.)

All in all, for me it was just another day of Saving The Universe From A
Fate Worse Than Boredom.

Captain Infinity
 ...[1] I can be seen in this photo if you squint really hard.

Action Pose photo copyright © Christopher Masto, used with permission.

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