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teg wrote:

>Brett grew up to be the stupidest criminal in Chester County, PA.  In high
>school he got really, really stoned, started thinking about how badly he
>needed money and decided to burgle his surburban neighbors.  He drove two
>blocks to the house of some people he knew weren't home, broke into their
>garage, stole some stuff, got back in his car (which was parked in this
>completely un-suspicious 'getaway car' position: blocking the driveway,
>aimed down the street) and just SAT THERE.  He wasn't smoking
>another joint, he wasn't having doubts or being remorseful, he was PLAYING
>WITH HIS NAVEL.  The cops happened by a few minutes later, sorta figured
>out that something was up and searched the car, finding a golf trophy, a
>wastebasket and some shoes.

That's probably why he took the wastebasket.

Captain Infinity

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