Subject:    Re: Batman vs. Superman
From:       Captain Infinity
Message-ID: <>

Let's pretend that Arthur Levesque wrote:

>Here's another contrast -- Batman is smart and sneaky.  Superman is a 
>nigh-invulnerable idiot.
>     Supes charges into situations without scoping them out first, rarely 
>takes any precautions, and trusts his Kryptonian toughness to muddle 
>through.  With just a little bit of advance planning, Batman should be
>able to take him out *easy*.  He has the resources and the know-how.

The whole concept is silly.  All Batman has to do is sneak up behind
Superman and push him out of his wheelchair.  Superman will be helpless
and Batman will win easily.  It's a no-brainer.

Captain Infinity
 ..."Add it up, it all spells 'DUH'." --Buffy

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