Subject:    Re: Did the writers forget Apu?
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Dusty Moer wrote :

>Dave wrote:
>> Captain Infinity wrote:
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>> > Chris <> wrote :
>> >
>> > >If you remember Apu the immigrant who Jerry tried to help but, then
>> > >wrecked his Pakistan restaurant vowed to seek revenge on Jerry for
>> > >getting him deported....well, what happened? At the end of the show Apu
>> > >says, "I will say up every rupie and return to America to seek revenge
>> > >on Jerry Seinfeld. He is a bad man. A very, very, bad man."
>> >
>> > My favorite was when Jerry and George went to the Kwik-E-Mart and got a
>> > Super Squishee that was pure syrup, and then Jerry started having
>> > hallucenogenic visions and ended up choking, so George stole the
>> > neighbor's tractor to go for help but forgot what he was doing and
>> > bought some nachos instead and when he got back there was Jerry on the
>> > floor in front of the TV with his head turning purple while Maggie just
>> > sat there sucking her pacifier.  Meanwhile Apu was deported for selling
>> > a disease-ridden hot dog.
>> >
>> Oh yeah.  I think I saw that, er, those.
>> Heh he he heh he, you said "choking",
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>Apu owns the Kwik-ee Mart on the Simpsons.  You're referring to

So, you're saying that Baboooo was deported for selling a disease-ridden
hot dog?  Then that would mean that it wasn't George who tried to kill
Mr. Burns, it must have been Beavis who gave the nachos to the guy
auditioning for the part of Kramer who stole the raisins!  My god,
you're on to something!

But I still don't understand why Mulder and Scully were investigating
Phoebe and Chandler, because Jerry and Elaine _gave_ them the sponges
during the episode titled "The One With Frog Baseball".  After all, even
though the abductions were performed by Kodos, Kang & Sarek the
Preparer, the fact that Butthead was able to use Maggie's diaper as a
repellant *should* have closed the case.  IMO, of course.

Captain Infinity

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