Subject:    Re: Pray and be deprayved - Book two
From:       Captain Infinity
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> Tara Kostezky wrote:
>>The sound of trees . .  .
> ...slithering through the Haunted Forest, their eel-like roots slicing
>juicily through well-worn grooves in the brackish forest floor, woke
>Jaime from his sleep.  Sitting up, he bumped his head inside the canvas
>tent and swore beneath his breath.  "I need a smoke," he thought, and
>unzipped the flap.  The smell of violet...

...Beauregard assaulted his nostrils.  Her nude body floated in a deep
pool of blueberry juice, just outside the tent.  She had been
eviscerated; sliced from trachea to pubic bone, peeled and cored, her
organs methodically and ritually placed around the campsite to form a
macabre tableau.  Her lungs lay just beside her left ear, her pancreas
and spleen carefully deposited near her right elbow.  All but one
internal organ had been removed from her bloated, blue torso and situated
around her corpse in a structure reminiscent of performance art.  Framing
the entire display were her swollen purple intestines, which had been
unwound and stretched from one side of the campsite to the other.  Only
the enormous violet heart remained attached inside the cadaver.
Everywhere, the ground was saturated with rich blue blood.
    A piece of orange duct tape covered Violet Beauregard's mouth and
nose.  Her eyes were bulging, permanently displaying the final, petrified
terror of her living disembowelment.  Jaime bent over the corpse and
removed the duct tape.  As it peeled away he saw that her mouth had been
crammed to bursting with violet chewing gum.  Wonka gum.  Wonka's "they
always turn into blueberries" gum.
  And then he knew.  "This," Jaime muttered, "is the work of an insane
Oompa Loompa.  May God help us all, they've finally escaped."

Captain Infinity

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