Subject:    Re: How to create your own shadow-speak sound! :)
From:       Captain Infinity
Message-ID: <33e4d7d7.7698781@nntp.netcruiser>

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(Elana who?) wrote :

>Woohoo!  8)
>And now I know how the sound guys on B5 got their shadow-speak sounds! :)
>Just get a can of compressed air, use it to mess around with some thin metal
>tubing, send the resulting sounds thru a sound processor until it sounds 
>alien enough, and voila!  You are now ready to start your own conversation 
>with Morden's best friends.  :)

It's even easier than that:

Go outside on a sunny day, 
and when your shadow is not looking...goose it.

Of course, it may not speak to you again for several days.
Butt that's a price you sometimes have to pay.

Captain Infinity
...strolling down the avenue, avenue, avenue.

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