Subject:    Just what *is* the appropriate age?
From:       Captain Infinity
Newsgroups: soc.culture.usa,
Message-ID: <>

Recent threads here touched on the topic of young children acting as
suicide terrorist bombers, over there on a different part of this planet.
The overall response to this idea was "grrrrr!" which I take to mean

So I'm left wondering...what is the appropriate age for a terrorist?
Should we, as a nation, express disapproval of using children as suicide
bombers, and if so, what age should we push for?  Eighteen?  Is eighteen
the "proper" age for someone to engage in terrorist acts?  Fifteen?
Sixteen?  Maybe at sixteen they can get their terrorist's learner's
permit but not be allowed to bomb by themselves until seventeen?
Twenty-one?  Should they not be allowed to commit suicide until they
reach the local drinking age?

And how would we respond to those who break the rules?  Say a twelve year
old acts as a suicide bomber.  How do we punish him?  Send his body parts
to bed without supper?  Ground his remains?

This whole issue raises many questions, as I'm sure you will agree.
Perhaps we here on Usenet can find a way to answer them, and send our
solutions to our nation's leaders, and get things straightened out.

Captain Infinity
 ..."Insanity is part of the times!  You must
    learn to embrace the madness, let it fire you."
                                    --Londo Mollari

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