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Subject: Re: Star Dates and Time [Re: StarTime]
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Russell Dovey wrote:
> Never heard of the US base at the South pole, have you?

Michael James wrote :
>Yep I have it's about 600m from the actual south pole which moves due
>to the survey point been place in a glacier. They have to survey it
>every year.

Bradley Fleming wrote :
>Actually, I don't that it's the actual pole that moves <g>.

Of course it is.  You've obviously never been to either pole, because
if you had you would know that both poles move.

The South Pole moves Clockwise and the North Pole moves
counter-clockwise.  This is what keeps the the Earth spinning.  If the
poles stopped moving, the Earth would come to an ass-grinding halt and
everything would be thrown sideways.  Lots of stuff would break and
many people would be hurt (and let's not even *talk* about the
immediate flood of projectile vomiting caused by motion-sickness.)

Each year the same group of scientists that wind the Atomic Clock
journey to the Poles to wind them up too.  A while back one of the
sillier scientists painted stripes on the Poles, and now they look
like *barber poles*.  Isn't that hilarious?  Science can be so fun!

Captain Infinity

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