Subject:    Liner Notes for "Mad Tom-Servo's Peeping Usenet Band!"
From: (Blackhawk)
Message-ID: <>

Okay, here goes...

Most of this was inspired from a series of posts here about a rock band
consisting of aft-s irregulars. I've been scribbling away on this for
quite a while now, and although I usually wait until something is done
(which sometimes means you never see it - oops), I've decided to start
releasing these while I'm only 1/2 way through the project, so some
posting delays may occur.[1]

What follows is a satire of the famous Beatle's album, "Sgt. Peppers
Lonely Hearts Club Band". If you don't own it or haven't heard it, you
have no taste.

The album should thread from this post and each one will identify itself
by starting with the header "{TRACK X]" (where X=number) in case someone
wants to filter them out. A song should post, in order of the album, every
day or two until the album is finished. Tracks 1 and 2 (kinda linked at
the hip if you know this album) will follow this post.

Sit back and let the evening go!

The older I get, the better I was.

[1] If you own this album, I've done tracks 1-5 and 7. 
    I'm currently stuck on Track 6 - "She's leaving home" 
    anybody got a good idea?


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