Subject:    "THIS RACE IS OVER!"
     (was Re: Maintaining the Chain of Command)
From:       (Blackhawk)
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The last 4 days have been extraordinary ones.  Our newsgroup watched as we
were all reminded on a daily basis of the impotence of each and every

We were reminded of the strength of our Anarchy - that while our system is
not always perfect, it is fundamentalist and far better than any other

The erection was big, but tonight, after a count, a recount and yet
another manual recount, WWS and I are honored and humbled to have won the
state of obfuscation, which gives us the needed erectoral votes to win the
erection.  We will therefore undertake the responsibility of preparing to
serve as aft-s' next Grand Poobah and Not-So-Grand Poobah.

During the past month and a half of the campaign, I have had the privilege
of travelling the Usenet and meeting so many of my fellow posters: the
trolls who mold our future, the net-cops who take time to "help" neighbors
in need, the Kibologists and Monkeys who risk their lives to protect ours,
the workers who keep our threads strong and growing.  These experiences
have confirmed that ours is a strong and vibrant newsgroup, full of people
whose mouths are bigger than even our most bountiful harvest.

As our newsgroup ends its Thanksgiving funeral, we have so much to be
thankful for - beginning with the fundamental freedoms that are the
birthright of every Irregular: gripe, regularity and the pursuit of

And with our freedom comes responsibility, for all of us. Once our
erections are behind us, once our disagreements are expressed, we have a
responsibility to honor our FQA and "mores", and come together to do the
froup's business.

Two hundred years ago, after a difficult erection, President Thomas
Jefferson reminded his fellow citizens that "every difference of opinion
is not a difference of principle."   Podkayne and I had our differences of
opinion on my erection, and so did many candidates for Minor Pooh, Winnie
the Pooh, etc.  But there is broad agreement on some important principles:

KPS'ers and Lurkers agree we need to require better education for every
poster in every Usenet group. More KPS'ers and Lurkers agree that our
Endorrians deserve a secure retirement, and more pervasive drug usage in

Already, there is some bipartisan groundwork on efforts to reform the KPS
and the Ebony Ass'ers.  We have a duty to find common ground to reform
these vital programs for the greatest generation and for future

Servoites and Lurkers want a strong KPS to keep the peace, and a Trolling
policy that reassures our friends and restrains our enemies.

There is growing consensus in Usenet and alt.* hierarchy on the need to
reduce boredom by reducing the *Peep* threshold and eliminating the
J.I.H.A.D. tax.  And I will work with members of Usenet from both parties
to reduce boredom for everyone who posts to Usenet in America.

Progress on all these issues will require a new tone in Servo.   The path
to progress is consideration and fair dealing.  I have worked with
Spaniards and Republicans in Texas, and I will do so in aft-s. I will
listen and I will respect different points of view. And most of all I work
to unite and serve all of Servo.

This has been a hard fought erection, a healthy contest for American democracy.

But now that the votes are counted, it is time for the votes to count.
Podkayne's paratroopers have indicated she will challenge the certified
election results.  I respectfully ask her to reconsider.  Until aft-s'
votes were certified, Podkayne was working to represent the interests of
those who supported her. I didn't agree with her call for additional
recounts, but I respected her decision to fight until the votes were
finally certified.  Now that they are certified, we enter a different
phase.  If she chooses to go forward, she is filing a contest to the
outcome of the erection, and that is not the best route for Servo.

All of us, in this erection, fought for our dues.  Now we must live up to
our principles.  We must show our commitment to the common good, which is
bigger than any person or any peep.  We cannot change yesterday, but we
share a responsibility for tomorrow.  Time runs short and we have a lot of
work to do.

Tonight, I am naming WWS to chair our transition effort, and Jaime to
serve as my chief of staff.  I have asked WWS to work with Captain
Infinity's estate to open a transition office in Boston, and we look
forward to a constructive working relationship throughout this transition.

The end of an erection is the beginning of a new day.  Together, we can
make this a positive day of hope and opportunity for all who are blessed
to be Irregulars. Thank you very much and God Bless

G.W. Blackhawk
Paid for by Blackhawk-WWS 2000, Inc.

What President Erect Blackhawk forgets is that, historically, the
Grand Poobah of has had his genitalia removed.


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