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From: (Blackhawk)
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I'm sorry, this thread is completely out of hand. Heck, WHERE ARE YOU? I
need a summary, I'm just lost. There's only one thing to do I'm afraid...


This is a test, answer the following questions related to this thread, 
remember this is only a test:

I. Lost in Space is:

A. A movie in which Gary Oldman secures his place in cinematic history 
   as the only actor to play the same person 342 times in only 13 movies.
B. A fashionable metal plate.
C. A neat snurfling pig-thing.
D. A wacky gameshow about people beating each other with rubber chickens.
E. Plain and Simple with nipple clamps that go really well with crotch less 
   leather underwear - You've got strange taste in men. Seeing anyone?

II. Match the following "Motherly advice"(1-7) to it's progeny(A-E).

A.Rhianna   B.Infinity   C.Scuzz Lorenzo   D."Whacky Bottom"   E. Rouette 

1. Don't dig holes in the back yard! You'll end up in China and get lost!
2. She's as ugly as a bowlful of assholes 
3. Don't eat cashews too fast or you'll get a stomach ache.
4. Don't dig holes in the back yard! You'll end up in Austria and get lost!
5. His breath could knock a buzzard off a shit-wagon.
6. If you keep making that face it will stay that way!
7. Better than cat shit

III. The "The Truman Show" is based on: 

A. Rhianna's life
B. The Fifth Element
C. The arachnid exhibit at the Philadelphia Zoo
D. Taco Bell
E. Drawing all over the walls in crayon while smoking crack and 
   not wearing a sweater.
R. 42

IV. Rhianna's theory is called:

A. Hollywood Effect
B. IBID # 10
C. Flat Butt Theory
D. Tapioca
E. Lee Bumgarner
F. Libertarian Purity Test

V. Which of the following is a mysterious strange person who commands an
invisible evil empire that threatens to destroy free thought and

   A.Cronan    B. Animal 57    C. Spider-man     D.Rhianna     E.Infinity     

   F. All of the above

VI. Rhianna's is brother is really:

A. Skippy the Snake
B. Ray Charles  
C. Jerry Springer
D. Kurt Cobain
E. Bees
F. David Lynch
S. A Slobbering Authoritarian Psychopath with Bullwhip

VII. Captain Infinity's Mother:

A. Is a passive aggressive feminist lesbian
B. Is Sigourney Weaver
C. Has trouble finding healthy outlets for emotions
D. Loves him
E. Has taken up prostitution, heroin and helium use and thus become wise
F. Prefers men who are polysyllabic.  
G. Is Sleepbot's father
H. Doesn't know about his loving granddaughter, Rhianna
I. Is Cronan 
J. Knows he lied about that "green tongue" thing
8. Owes him $37.50

VIII. Rhianna Hates:

A. Spiders
B. Her brother
C. Herself
D. Roulette
E. "Grazing rights"
F. This series of Questions
G. None of the above
H. All of the above
Z. Wacky Mayhem

IX. The Universe is held together by:

A. Suspenders
B  Appendages
C. Appendices
D. Weston bread
E. An orthodontic device that straightens your teeth
F. Kibo
G. Tom-Servo the mad newsgrouper
H. Peeps, who have no relation to this thread, but I'm mentioning them anyway
Q. Batman and Robin

,llun.ved.tla=IV ,75 lamina=III ,rewop ht4 ot 42=II ,2 retipuJ=I :srewsnA
,amadA salguoD=VIII ,retsis ym sI=VII ,s'izan gnikrap yllihP=VI ,nanroC=V
                                                      !esruoc fo speeP=IX

This has been a test of the KPS Emergency Summary System. This test was
brought to you as a public service from the Kamikaze Peep Squad and your
local newserver. If this had been an actual case of "huh?", you would have
been presented with a summary that pretty boiled down the essence of what
was being said in the last post. But wasn't this more fun?

This concludes this test. We now return you to "Things I learned from the
people who posted to 'Things I learned from Lost in Space'". Thank you.
"What's a few globulous pustules between friends?" - Rhianna


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