Subject:    {TRACK 7] Being for the benefit of Mr. Hole
From: (Blackhawk)
Message-ID: <>

For the benefit of Mr. Hole,
A song will post to Tom-Servo,
It will be great!

Infinity will be with me,
late of,
Don't be late.

Lisa B. & J. assure the Usenet,
their new posting will be second to none.
And of course, big as a horse,
is Jaime's wad!

The chat begins at ten to six,
when Mr. Hole will dip his wick,
without a sound.

And Mater J. will defenestrate,
10 posters he will underrate,
on shaky grounds!

Having been some days in masturbation,
a Peeping time is guaranteed for all!

And tonight, Mr. Hole is spanking the weasel!

$*%&#%help*&%^&%)()$%explosions$&%(#&%%#-BLUE MEANIES!!!!!
"H" is for help, "E" is for Errgent, "L" is for lovely, "P" is for...
Won't you Please, Please Help Me!
                                                          --Young Fred
                                                            Yellow Submarine


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