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> >>>No, I'll supply the kegs if you'd like.
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> >>Kegs?  For a BYOP party?
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> >
> >You have to get them drunk first.
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> >jdn
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> Yes, that's absolutely true.

We had trollerized the road from Servoshire for two days, layering the
road with as many "aspects" as we could find. We searched on, looking for
a post, a sign that we were on the correct road to Kiboshire and the
tavern which lay between them at the top of a large cliff.  As we reached
the bottom and began our ascent, we were struck the many different colored
aspects of the cliff face, no doubt caused by aspect upon aspect being
pressed down over millions of years and forming themselves into a
hierarchy that fit our definition of the word aspect. On the third
evening, we dimly saw the sign we had been waiting for. Illuminated from a
hanging lantern, with large friendly letters almost glowing through the
haze it read:

             "The Drunken Peep!
                Don't Panic!"

An Aspect Hate-troll walked past into the tavern. I girded my loins. There
would be much P.G.G. [1] and singing of Servoshire, of "Too Bad" and of
all things yellow marshmallow. Rumor was that Kermit had returned to the
tavern, that he had somehow "cheated" death. Aye, there would be infinite
improbabilities inside. I clutched Vogonsbane tightly as I turned the knob
with my free hand...

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"A brain the size of a planet and *I* have to open the door!" - Another Marvin

[1] Pan-Galactic Gargleblasters


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