Subject:    Paul is dead (was Re: Defiant vs. Whitestar)
From: (Blackhawk)
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WARNING - this post contains sexually explicit content disguised with
poopy-mouth words n' stuff.

In article <6sg08a$cs5$>, "Plain and Simple
Cronan" <> wrote:

> WWS wrote
(P&S Superstar thread started in this snip...)
> I think it may go back further to when I wasn't quite me yet. When I still
had a face that resembled the lunar surface and I was happy when my "Mr. Winky"
> hung out, almost exclusively now that I think about it, on the Star Trek
talent shows. Once I went as Spock and gave "MW" a pointed tip, upsetting many
> groups, causing trouble in an H. West-type of way, and took those Star Trek
vitamins that made you "boldly go"! In the news, I really took the Duck Dodgers
> vs Star Wars threads seriously: I actually posted hard numbers (which, being
well, kinda hard and totally subjective since the totality of my knowledge is
> based on movies and television shows, were actually made up). One post
which dealt with my own fiction writing, discussed how one novel I wrote
> actually reached *1500* lines. When I go back and look at the time and energy
I still don't understand quantum mechanics. When some say there is no time, that
> I wasted it depresses me a great deal. Sort of how I feel about the moderated
-except-for-Worldcon B5 group, but I'm addicted, I could really use a 12 Steps
> group now. Sigh. If only to be wise when one needs it.
> >It's typical, in a way.  The victor of many contests doesn't hold the
> >lesser ones in high regard, but the guy who gets his ass kicked never
> >forgets who kicked it.
> Being right the preponderance of the time either makes you Gharlane or
> Cronan.

Being diagonally parked in a parallel universe the preponderance of the
time either makes you Kibo or Captain Infinity

> P&SC
> ...I'd rather be Blackhawk, myself

I'd rather be copulating, not with myself.

>    ...where is he, anyway?

Uhm, er, well, I, that is, uhm...The boys and I decided to rent the island
to the Baywatch production crew for a location shoot! We're, uhm, *busy*
(yeah, that's it!) being, uhm, "good hosts" (yeah, yeah!).

"Copulate, from the Latin 'copulare'...." 
                    -"Blood" in the film version of "A Boy and His Dog"
(yeah, that's the ticket!)


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