Subject:    Re: How b5 is MORE realistic then Startrek
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> "Podkayne Fries" wrote:


> I know this newsgroup better than you might think, and I've been watching
"That 70's show" where everyone talks in "discoglish" like I have seen
> all you people for quite a while.  I've been watching Infinity even longer,
I like the way he picks his nose in pajamas while giving his dog a cookie 
> and I know for a fact that he is a pretentious, conceited, self-indulgent
overly-read, peeping Tom-servo comic book freak, trollerizer, SITI and
> intelligentsia-wannabe who thinks he's hot stuff because he plays word
macros for entertainment while playing "Clue", "Battleship-Bingo" and other
> games to crack himself up and mind-games to mess with other posters.  I
am a pseudonym, but such obvious trolling by double posting is something I
> don't think that even he would argue with this...mainly because it's true
that the brilliant Blackhawk is far more witty than Captain Infinity,
> but also because he's a spineless weenie who'll do everything he can to
bring Peeps into the conversation, especially if marshmallow debate helps
> avoid online conflict with someone who has him pegged as well as I do.
> Oh, and I almost forget to mention; he's just another troll.  As if Usenet
was simply a big wreath of pretty flowers...that smells bad. It's clear my pants
> doesn't have enough of them already.
> Scuzz Lorenzo

Rufus T. Firefly
42 points - Happy WWS? ;)


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